Seasons for Growth for the Parent – Bereavement


The Seasons for Growth programme provides an opportunity for parents/caregivers to better understand the experience of death, separation and divorce, and bereavement from a child’s perspective, and to explore ideas and strategies that they may wish to consider as they support their children in transitioning through these family changes.

The programme aims to strengthen the social and emotional wellbeing of people dealing with significant life changes by exploring the impact of change and loss on every-day-life and learning new ways to respond to these changes.

The Seasons for Growth Adult Programme may be an appropriate next step for parents/caregivers who wish to spend time exploring their own change and loss experience and learn coping skills to manage and continue moving forward.

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Course Outline

The programme offers a range of activities that allow parents to learn about:

  • How children react to change and loss
  • What parents can do to help their child
  • Communicating with their child
  • The Seasons for Growth approach to understanding and managing change, loss and grief
  • Caring for themselves as a parent and a person

Resources Required

Supporting materials for the program include individual participant journals and a range of links to online resources.


The Seasons for Growth Parent Program has two separate components:

  • Supporting your child following separation and divorce
  • Supporting your child following the death of someone they love.

Delivered as 2 x 2 hour sessions with a small group of 5-10 parents by a trained ‘Companion’.

Next Session:-  Bereavement


TBC – please contact Judy for next dates and times. Judy Wood

Cost:- $10 Koha. Please don’t let $ be a barrier, speak to us.

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